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Creating and learning new ways of telling stories and eliciting emotions. One day breaktrhoughs from The LAB will find a way into your product.

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Music Videos

Wait for Me (2010)

One little elephant has been roaming the streets for months relentlessly looking for his one good friend after its sudden disappearance at a Mediterranean beach one tragic morning.

The little elephant, struggling against the elements of the changing season. He will go till the very end to find him.

Mountains Beyond Mountains (2010)

One of my favorite songs from the amazing album The Suburbs by Arcade Fire. I tried to convey the theme of the music and the lyrics in sets of evocative images that turn them into a woman's personal and intimate debate between the the large city she inhabits and the small hometown her soul lives in.

A Reminder (2007)

Cravings and memories. The still the city moves. "A Reminder" is an examination of time and concrete built structures. Shot in 2007 in Caracas, Venezuela.

Slow Show (2007)

After having listened to The National's latest maginific album and realizing the scarce nmber of videos I decided to edit one video using this track and Godard's "Masculine-Feminine" was for some reason the natural way to give it companion



15 seconds or less animated stories

Skip Divided (2009)

Romanzo (2009)

Thanking (2010)

This video narrates a family journey from Europe to South America and back for three generations.It was of the top 14 finalists in a contest sponsored by the MEDIA Programme of the European Union's European Commission using their giant media archives.